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Tammy’s got everything: wealth, designer clothes, store cards with unlimited credit, and Ralph Forrester, a drop-dead-gorgeous first-year law student who is going to take her to the end-of-term dance.


There’s only one problem: Ralph Forrester doesn’t exist. He’s only alive in the pages of the Trudy Kensington novels, and unable to face being humiliated in front of the girls she longs to be like, Tammy runs away and headfirst into trouble.


Gary’s life is spiralling out of control after Grace dies. On a mission to prove he’s nothing like his physically abusive father, he comes to Tammy’s rescue and agrees to be Ralph for just one night.


But the lie that brought them together threatens to tear them apart forever when Tammy decides to continue the deceit, and without realising it, she puts Gary’s life at risk. Determined to make things right, she sets about trying to rebuild Gary’s broken home. But has she done enough to convince him he still has a family worth living for?

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